There are a couple facts we know:

1. Almost everyone (and every company) is on-line now-a-days

2. A company needs a good social media plan to stay afloat in the internet sludge

A great way to handle both aspects: getting LinkedIn. This site adds 2 new users (professional ones to boot) a day! It puts a face to a name, keeps your company up-to-date with what is happening in the market through updates AND is a sure-fire way to find potential leads and clients. Out of the 150 million users, one of those out there has to be a great connection for you and your company.

“LinkedIn has allowed me to expand my executive search practice to new clients by at least 30% over the last 3 years, during tough economic times, and at the same time reduce my costs of conducting a search by 50%.” – Berry Deutsch

But if you reeeaaallly don’t see any value in it, here are 20 reasons why you “shouldn’t” be on it


Last year LinkedIn busted out of it’s typical shell and embraced the world of blogging. Bloggers rejoice! No longer was LinkedIn only going to be focusing on resumes and client connections…they want editorial content! And lot’s of it!

They connected with 150 ‘thought leaders’ (influential opinion leaders) and asked for them to contribute blogs, videos and other forms of convo to LinkedIn. Now users can comment on and share those articles/videos on their own homepage. Basically this lets your connections know, “Hey! I stay relevant in the world! Look at this trendy topic I’m following!” Also, if you see a potential lead connected to one of the ‘thought leaders’, it might not be a bad idea for you to check them out too. For nothing else, it would be a great icebreaker.

Julie Inouye from LinkedIn corporate communications sums it up perfectly:

 “Because these activities on LinkedIn are directly associated with your professional identity, recruiters, potential business contacts and others will have an easy way to see what topics and issues matter to you and gives them a good representation of your interests and expertise”

For more on this topic, visit this article

So   ( founded in 2003 and orginally known as openBC – thumbs up for the rebranding) has been tossed in the ring a few times as one of LinkedIn’s competitors. It has a lot of the same functions as LinkedIn, you can find and connect to professional contacts, have a professional profile, participate in forums…but that is pretty much where it ends.

I will say that it does have a feature that is unique (kind of). You can coordinate events using the site with new contacts and potential leads. But in LinkedIn’s defense.. there is a way to do that on their site, and it is called FREE messaging. I stress the word free because with Xing you have to upgrade to a premium site to message people you’re not yet connected to. Now that doesn’t seem very fair…

All in all, I’d say LinkedIn offers more bang for your buck.

Dive deeper into Xing and other European networking sites with this article

When most people think of LinkedIn they think of using it for landing that dream job. But it has way more capabilities than hooking you up to the hottest jobs (but it does do that…seriously).

Some of the great aspects of LinkedIn, no one knows about! Here are some things you should look for next time you log on:

1. They publish great tips for businesses – check this article out for example

2. You can follow what your competitors are up to – and stay one step ahead!

3. There are great forums started on almost anything! Have something interesting to say, start a forum!

Oh yeah? If you’re a creative group and think that some social media channels, LinkedIn for example, just wouldn’t fit your persona, I’d think again.

Now what stuffy company would make a point to gather it’s employees at HQ to make a hilarious dance video? I can help you answer…NONE!

And if you think LinkedIn is behind on the times, they are probably keeping more up-to-date on what’s trending in your market than you are! utilize this social media platform to stay up-to-date with what the market segment is doing, what the kids now-a-days want and general business tips! Maybe even take a page out of their book, be ridiculous when the time calls for it, it might just get your company noticed!

Check out their YouTube channel.

Video  —  Posted: March 7, 2013 in General Information

Everyone has ‘haters’, even multi-million dollar corporations! LinkedIn has seen some serious growth, and holds a lot of sway in the professional networking world. But there are others coming up. Point in case, BranchOut.

   This is a Facebook app that allows you to link to your professional contacts – without having to share your profile. So that picture from spring break last year…no worries!

BranchOut was launched in 2010, and has now reached over 25 million users.

 “At this point, it’s Coke and Pepsi.”  – CEO of BranchOut, Rick Marini

Well I wouldn’t go that far. Let’s remember, LinkedIn has over 47.6 million, that’s a whole bunch more Coke bottles than Pepsi…or vice versa. Regardless of which beverage brand they equate themselves to, BranchOut IS growing. And that’s a pretty steady fan base they’re getting…and sometimes slow and steady can win the race.

(they’re definitely Pepsi)

Try as you might you can’t hide from the internet. Think of it as a really, really creepy big brother. It documents everything, never forgets and those embarrassing social media mistakes you made in the past always seem to resurface at the worst times!

Steer clear of these 3 mistakes on your LinkedIn profile, and you will be way ahead of the game!

1. Not using a picture – it’s just creepy, and the whole reason for LinkedIn, putting a face to a name!

2. Using the default connect request – that shows you really care about them now doesn’t it? No.

3. Not putting a summary – come one now! These potential leads want to know what your company has to offer..brag brag brag!

Go check out your companies LinkedIn page, see if you are making one of these mistakes. And if you are, fix it!